north georgia photographer

Anthony + Emily

Oh, Anthony and Emily. This day was filled with so much joy and laughter. I could literally go on forever, but we'll leave this one simple. A+E, your love is a beautiful thing, your people are some of the kindest out there, your day was certainly one for the books and a time we will not soon forget. 

The Heims love you guys, we're thankful to have captured these times for you and we look forward to many many more serious Bachelor/Bachelorette discussions. <3 

Savannah + Aaron.

Most weddings are amazing, but some weddings are simply special. Some weddings we feel more like guests and less like a hired vendor who is really only there to get a job done. Savannah and Aaron, your wedding was one of the best. We left with the biggest smiles on our faces. Your friends made us feel like friends and your family treated us like family. I cried more than once during your wedding day and to be completely honest I'm getting choked up while editing your photos too. I've never seen a group of bridesmaids share so much love for their dear friend getting ready to walk down the aisle. I've never seen parents so proud and excited for their children as they get ready to step into a brand new adventure. I've never seen a love quite as unique as yours. I know we don't know you as well as most, but from what I've seen you truly bring out the best in each other. There is something between you that is so extraordinarily beautiful and so incredibly rare...there is a sense of peace and contentment when you're together and it's completely contagious. 

With that being said, it was truly an honor to be a part of your day. We are working tirelessly on your gallery and cannot wait to share the rest of your images with you very very soon. 

Chas + Nancy || Engagement.

God bless the clients who bring their puppies to sessions. I know some photographers may see it as a distraction, but I have a little mini heart-attack of joy when I see that dog jump out of the car. Dogs relax us, they loosen up their owners and they keep everyone smiling during sessions. // I had the best time exploring Sweetwater Creek State Park with Chas, Nancy and their sweet black lab puppy, Sadie. We're so looking forward to their big day later this year! 

here's to more puppies at sessions! 

Aaron + Savannah. || Engagement.

Ok, let me start off by saying: I know I was born and raised in north Georgia.....HOWEVER, I lived in central Florida long enough to now consider myself a Floridian. A Floridian who is used to "winter" temps being somewhere in the mid 50's. So, I know everyone who lives up north would probably laugh at me, but this session will go down as one of the coldest I've ever shot. It was around 29-30 degrees with some serious wind gusts during our session with Aaron + Savannah at Berry College back in December. These two were such troopers and completely owned the cold the entire time. (What you can't see is me behind the camera literally wearing a long coat, hat and scarf...hahaha) 

I secretly walk away from sessions with such giddiness when we really seem to connect with our couples. Aaron and Savannah are laid-back, easy to talk to, and so down to earth. We spent our (freezing cold) hour and a half exploring their wedding venue, watching deer and dreaming big dreams for their day this summer. 

Cameron + Meredith || Engagement.

This one is so special to me. You see, Meredith and I were super close friends as kids up until middle school when my family decided to move to Orlando. Years went by and we hardly ever got the chance to talk and definitely didn't get to see each fast-forward 10+ years and we're back in the ATL photographing her engagement photos with her amazing new fiance' Cameron. 

M + C, we love you guys like whoa and are honored to call you our friends. We are so excited for you as you start this new chapter in your lives and we CANNOT WAIT to have a front row seat at one of the most special days of your life this fall. You two are sheer perfection and we're stoked to show off these photographs. 

Ps, this was supposed to be an engagement session, but really it just turned into the two of them taking the time to show us around the city we all love. These two literally gave us insight on all of the best spots in midtown and suggested some of the greatest restaurants. We walked for so long, Cameron even called an uber for the four of us to get back to where we parked. Haha! (Thanks so much guys for making us feel so welcome in our new hometown, you two are the greatest....and I truly mean that!) 

Cameron + Meredith || Atlanta, Georgia.