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Sam + Alli

This day was filled with so much grace, so much love, and some of the most genuine people we've ever had the honor of meeting. We witnessed some of the most sincere and heartfelt prayers for friends, some of the most meaningful toasts, and THE very best dance party we've ever shot at a reception (seriously, it will be hard to beat). 

Alli + Sam, the two of you are gems. Your story is beautiful, your friends are treasures, and your day will forever be one of our favorites. Thank you for trusting us, we love you guys and wish you lifetimes of bliss and happiness!


Naomi + Christian.

We recently traveled down to Orlando to work with these super cute lovebirds on their wedding day. Naomi and Christian were one of the absolute sweetest couples and we had the best time celebrating their love. <3

Staaf Family.

Staaf || Lifestyle Family Session || Lake Louisa State Park. 

Horton Family // In Home Lifestyle.

I'm so happy to be able to share this session of a family who is actually not a client, but some of the most important people in mine and Danny's lives. 

It's funny how life works sometimes. How a minor decision made by my Mom to go and visit a church she found online (over 35 minutes away from where we currently were living) completely changed the outcome of my life. It's been so exciting to see God's plan slowly unravel over time for me, and honestly it all started with such a small choice to go and visit that church. 

Long story short, I met the Hortons around eight years ago when I started going to Tommy's youth group at the church we all once attended (fun fact: that's also where I met Danny.....although we didn't start dating until years later). I've loved Tommy and Samantha from day one and have traveled around the world on mission trips, been a part of so many camps/d-nows, and gone through too many highs and lows to count with them. We've learned together, made mistakes together and grown together over the course of the past several years. 

This family is the real deal. They are living, breathing, walking followers of Jesus and are some of the most genuine and intentional people around. I've witnessed more discipleship happen around their kitchen table than I've ever seen sitting in a church service. They have laughed with us, cried with us, celebrated with us and grieved with us. They've mentored our marriage, supported our dreams, spoken truth when we needed it, poured more love into us than we could ever deserve and always always always point us in the direction of Jesus. 

They live with an "open door policy" and truly mean it........their house has become a second home to many in our community and it's not all that uncommon to be sitting around their table talking about life until 3 in the morning. Heck, ourselves and some friends (you know who you are) may or may not even "break into" their house on occasion to play xbox, watch TV, or leave funny surprises for them while they're out of town. ;)

I'm so crazy proud to call these people, not only my friends, but my family. Tommy, Samantha, Jude, Gracie, Justus, Jonas and are so loved.  

/// Also: bonus points to them for sticking with my picture-taking self over all these years! They were one of my first paid shoots back in the day. They came to my house, picked me up and drove to the park where it was starting to rain. I shot on full auto mode and used my pop up flash because it was getting somewhat dark and I didn't know what to do. A whole lot has changed since then, so needless to say, I'm pretty darn excited to share this session with you guys! *ps, no pop-up flashes were used in the making of this session.. ;)